Looking for a ceramic tile floor cleaner?

Tile has long been a popular choice for a kitchen or bathroom. It comes in a virtually endless array of colors, patterns, textures, glazes, sizes, and styles. It can coordinate with any décor, its perfect regularity makes it easy to work with, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Plus, you can install radiant heat under tile flooring. Compared to other floor types, a ceramic tile floor is easy to clean.

Before using any ceramic tile floor cleaner, sweep, vacuum, or use a dust mop. Dirt can adhere to the surface, especially of textured styles. Wipe up pet accidents, wet footprints, and spills immediately.

The best ceramic tile floor cleaner is often simply warm water! Wring your mop thoroughly before applying to the floor, and be sure not to leave pooled water. If needed, use a mild detergent; be sure to rinse thoroughly. You can buy products especially for ceramic tile floors if you need to remove stains. Pro Shot® Power Cleaner & De-Soiler™ safely cleans, de-soils, & deodorizes ceramic tile or other surfaces not affected by water.

Pro Shot® Power Cleaner & De-Soiler™ is bio-degradable, and contains no harsh chemicals. Doesn’t leave a film, so there’s no rinsing required.